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Artisan Herbal Teas

Deliciously Smooth, Unimaginably Brilliant

Meet the Family

Tea is more than just a drink, it’s an experience. And at GREK, we create bold flavours and vibrant aromas that simply can’t be found in any shop down the street. Be it our intense peppermint or mellow mountain tea, our herbal teas help jumpstart your day or top off the perfect evening with unforgettable taste.

The New Standard for Tea

Learn how GREK sources each premium
ingredient using ethical, sustainable methods

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Our high-class teas embody perfection from start to finish. From the moment you take in their aromatic richness until the last drop touches your lips, you’ll know that our herbal tea infusions embrace the very essence of what tea is supposed to be.

In the Beginning

The story behind the creation of GREK
from the founders themselves

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We hand-select the very best organic herbs from all over Greece and work side-by-side with small-scale farmers. By carefully cultivating, harvesting and preserving the purest plants, we ethically source products that are more than tasty; they’re good for you.

Embrace Inspiration

The right taste can change perspective,
influence mood, and promote true happiness

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Meticulously chosen ingredients give our herbal teas the perfect blend of clarity, flavour, aroma, and body; everything you want in the perfect cup of tea.

Adventure in Every Cup

Enjoy the journey
as much as the taste

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