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Chios island

A taste of Greek mythology...

It was a nice and sunny day when Persephone took a stroll along the river Acheron. Suddenly, she became enraged with jealousy as she spotted her husband, Hades, with his young lover, a beautiful water nymph named Minthe.

In a fit or rage and anger Persephone turned Minthe into a crawling plant with mauve tiny flowers completely unnoticeable to the human eye. Hades was devastated and he wanted the object of his obsession and passion back but the spell was impossible to break. He felt so sorry for Minthe, so he endowed her with a divine fragrance so that she would always be noticed and never taken for granted!

The ancient Greeks used mint to invigorate the mind and refresh blood. Historically, mint has been seen as a symbol of hospitality. Modern Greeks show their guests that they are welcome by cooking with mint or making mint tea.