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Bunch of Greek Mountain Tea

WONDERFUL GREEK MOUNTAIN TEA (SIDERITIS) - Key benefits of this delightful healthy drink

For centuries Greece has provided the perfect mountainous climate for many wonderful Greek herbs and flowers to bless the world with their almost magical health and wellbeing benefits. One of the best Greek products to come of this is Greek mountain tea.

Greek Mountain tea, often referred to as Sideritis or Ironwort, has long been known for its vast health benefits. In fact, it can be traced back as far as the sixth century as being used by renowned Greek botanists Pedanius Dioscorides and Theophrastus to treat wounds caused by iron weapons in battles.

Greek Mountain tea is one of many Greek herbal teas used as a healthy drink alternative to traditional black tea, not only for its healing properties but because it is also naturally caffeine free.

Read on to learn more about this fascinating Greek product...

What is Greek Mountain Tea?

Greek mountain tea, also known as shepherd's tea, is a genus of flowering plants found growing in the picturesque Greek mountains. There are over 150 different species of plants in the Sideritis genus. These beautiful Greek flowers are made of short, pubescent subshrubs or Greek herbs that grow at high altitudes, usually over 1000m, with little or no soil and can often be found on the surface of rocks.

According to Greek mythology, Mountain tea was the drink of the Titans and Greek grandmothers are still known to urge their grandchildren to drink at least one cup per day to make them as strong as a Titan as part of their Mediterranean diet.


Sideritis is usually planted in late autumn or early spring and harvested in summer, when its yellow flowers are in full bloom. It's then dried before being used as one of the best Greek herbal teas; Mountain Tea.

GREK mountain tea is produced ethically and sustainably; it is 100% natural and organic, there is no use of chemicals or pesticides. Discarding stalks and leaves was the masterstroke that makes GREK Greek mountain tea special, only the purist of whole flowers are used.

The plants are harvested by hand for GREK in the early hours of the morning when it is cool, then only the most pristine flowers are dried by hanging in well-ventilated barns. This is more labor intensive but well worth it for the lighter, more floral infusion and fragrant flavour found in GREK Greek Mountain tea. Vibrant woody and fruity flavours make this Greek herbal tea ideal to pair with honey or drink on its own as a soothing, healthy drink anytime of the day.

Health Benefits of Greek Mountain Tea

The ancient Greeks traditionally used Ironwort, which can be translated to ‘he who is made of iron’, not only as part of a healthy Mediterranean diet but also to heal wounds caused by iron weapons on the battlefield. However, this healthy, natural herbal tea's benefit did not end there. Greek Mountain tea has long been renowned for its many health benefits and contribution to general wellness. The forefather of Greek philosophy, Hippocrates, credited Sideritis for its antioxidant powers, antimicrobial qualities and anti-inflammatory benefits.

1) Digestive support and immune boost

This Greek product has all the natural benefits of green tea, including helping to aid in digestion and strengthen the immune system with its cellular antioxidant effects. With a more floral and satisfyingly fragrant taste than green tea, Sideritis offers a much more pleasant way of reducing oxidative stress. Ironwort can be especially helpful to aid women’s digestive systems through improving estrogen metabolism. Greek Mountain tea’s digestive aid qualities make it the perfect after dinner drink for a relaxing and calm evening vibe.

2) Sleep aid

A recent study by The German Sleep Society (DGSM) tested Greek Mountain tea’s ability to help those with sleep disorders. With its calming, caffeine free and relaxing qualities, Sideritis is the ideal healthy drink to accompany you into a healthy sleep routine and help you to drift off to dreamland. There is also some evidence to support the idea that Greek Mountain tea can help sufferers of Dementia and ADHD.

3) Cardiovascular benefits

As well as being naturally caffeine free, some studies have shown that Greek Mountain Tea also has cardiovascular and intestinal benefits by helping to lower blood pressure. This smooth and easy drinking Greek product is also packed with essential oils and has a broad range of phytonutrients, which are thought to enhance immunity and intercellular communication, repair DNA damage from exposure to toxins and detoxify carcinogens.

4) Anxiety and stress reduction

The Greek herbs and flowers found in Mountain tea can also help those who suffer from mild anxiety. Studies have shown that Greek Mountain tea can reduce stress, anxiety and be used as an anti-depressive aid. There is some evidence stemming from ancient anecdotes to support the idea that mountain tea can also give your libido a boost. The fact that this Greek herb can help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve sleep as well as increase general wellness would support a feeling of improved sensuality. Greek Mountain tea’s many anti-oxidants and phytonutrients offer a calming and soothing healthy drink ideal for anytime of the day, be it an afternoon solace from the chaos of daily life or to help calm your mind and soul before preparing for bed, whether you plan to sleep or not.

5) Anti-Inflammatory qualities

The Greek herbs found in Mountain tea also have vast anti-inflammatory qualities. Greek Mountain tea is also thought to have a naturally high bioflavonoid content, which aids as a mild anti-inflammatory Greek product and enhances vitamin c intake. This means adding just one cup of Greek Mountain tea to your daily routine could help ease general aches and joint pains as well as relief from oxidant elements of life.

6) General Wellness

Greek Mountain tea has also been known to help suppress the common cold and other viruses, allergies, shortness of breath and even sinus congestion. Modern science has confirmed Hippocrates accreditations of Sideritis for its antioxidant attributes, antimicrobial qualities and anti-inflammatory benefits to be correct. Drinking two to three cups of mountain tea every day is thought to help prevent or fight flu symptoms and stress-related ailments such as chest infections, headaches, fatigue and anxiety.

Closing Notes

Sideritis is a wonderful and fascinating herb. It not only makes a delicious herbal tea but also has numerous health benefits.

Despite Greek Mountain tea’s wondrous properties, it is no replacement for a healthy lifestyle, though adding this Greek product to a balanced diet can be very beneficial. Its protective components can help relieve adverse health symptoms, reduce stress, improve sleep, boost your immune system, and promote a more positive overall general wellbeing.

However, it is important to note that GREK do not recommend using Greek Mountain tea instead of or alongside prescribed medication without prior consultation.

As the effect on pregnancy is not well established, pregnant women should exercise caution when consuming Greek Mountain tea or any natural supplement.

Always consult a dietary or medical professional if you are unsure.