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A Greek Cocktail with Peppermint Tea

05 July 2017

We cannot bring the Greek summer to the UK but we can definitely bring a taste of it... So, next time the sun is out and the air is warm get your shakers out... Cocktail time is calling!  Share your cocktail pictures with @grektea on Instagram and tag #HeavenlyMade so we can include them in our feed. The picture that receives the most likes before the end of July will be the winner and will get a GREK peppermint tea on...

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A taste of Greek mythology...

09 April 2017

It was a nice and sunny day when Persephone took a stroll along the river Acheron. Suddenly, she became enraged with jealousy as she spotted her husband, Hades, with his young lover, a beautiful water nymph named Minthe. In a fit or rage and anger Persephone turned Minthe into a crawling plant with mauve tiny flowers completely unnoticeable to the human eye. Hades was...

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