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The full GREK range of tea

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Our range of gorgeous herbal teas varies from the smooth but intense peppermint to the mellow and delicate mountain tea. Or try the Paradeisia blend if you are a lover of the unexpected... Please view our full range to see all of our sustainably produced herbal teas, or browse the rest of our site to find out more about GREK.


Everything you need
to know about GREK

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Time and again we watch the magic unfold between our fertile soil and its piercing blue sky. The herbs thrive, loaded with essential oils, solar energy and aromatics. Bringing that vitality to an infusion is something of an art.

Our Story

Handpicked locations,
handpicked ingredients

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We work only with small-scale ethical farmers who concentrate on quality over quantity, producing exquisite plants, the best or nothing. Their delicate qualities are then made timeless through skilful, careful preservation.


Thoughts & inspirations

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Finally, the recipe. To find the perfect proportion of the right varieties from the right areas of Greece is no small task. GREK teas have an extraordinary clarity of flavour.

Tea Tales

Mini stories about our tea

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