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Pelion, Volos

In the beginning:
heavenly made tea

A holiday is a time to relax, refresh body and mind, leave your troubles behind and live in the moment to enjoy life. Our holiday included all of the above but also a moment of clarity, an epiphany!

We are Marina and Stephan, the founders of GREK, and as some people might think, an unusual pairing; Marina is Greek and Stephan is Dutch-Caribbean.

Years ago, we went on a holiday to Greece to see my home country, enjoy the weather, eat my favourite food, and meet my big fat Greek family. It was whilst staying at my parents' home that we had this moment of clarity, the epiphany, to start a new adventure; a business of our own.

The days always started the same; a wonderful cup of Greek coffee followed by delicious breakfast. One morning Stephan wanted something different and asked my mum for tea instead. She nearly fell off her chair and started to panic! "Tea?!? Oh no!" It was a disaster as she didn't have any black tea in the house. What a way to treat your guest! But her quick thinking saved the day! She opened the kitchen cupboard and took out a few worn jars. She then went into the garden and returned with a few green leaves and started brewing this mysterious herbal infusion. It turned out to be utterly delightful...

At GREK we provide the best herbal teas Greece has to offer and aim to recreate that magical moment first experienced in Greece every time you brew one of our teas.