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Paradeisia Blend

Stimulating but calm, invigorating but tranquil, a sophisticated, weightless mid-point… perfect for inspiration and lovers of the unexpected.


Pale jade developing gentle sepia tones on steeping. Light flowers underscored by citrus and a fresh aftertaste marked by notes of mint. Sophisticated, rounded, beautifully centred.


Also known as ‘shepherd’s tea’ and ‘ironwort’, sideritis grows all over Greece above around 1000 m – from where it gets its other name, mountain tea.

Sideritis translates as “he who is made of – or has – iron.” The mythology goes that it was used to cure wounds caused by iron in battles.

Also according to Greek mythology, this tea was the food of the Titans, and grandmothers still urge their grandchildren to drink at least a cup a day to make them a strong as a Titan. It is immensely popular.


Discarding stalks and even leaves was the masterstroke. Just pure whole flowers for a light and floral infusion.

The plants are all harvested in the early morning, hand picked and dried to traditional methods, left hanging in bunches in well-ventilated barns.

Our ‘flowers only’ policy is more labour-intensive, but worth it. They are hand packed to ensure they arrive in pristine condition.


Even in ancient times the Greek philosopher Hippocrates, the forefather of modern medicine, lauded sideritis for its benefit to the immune and respiratory systems.

Mountain tea is naturally caffeine free.

Modern studies have shown that it has antioxidant properties similar to those of green tea, plus anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Other studies have shown cardiovascular and intestinal benefits, helping lower blood pressure and reducing inflammation.


The red earth of Thessaly clings to the boots of the men in the barn, it crunches lightly on the concrete underfoot; some falls from the eldest, 90, as he leans forward in his chair to talk.

The full story can be found inside our packs.

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