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Extraordinary harmony through a careful balance of varieties from across Greece. Citric, but smooth, calm and gentle. Ideal for daydreams… and sweet dreams.

Balmy & Zestful

Bright lime settles into calm ochre tones on steeping. Soft, mild lemon with a gentle edge and the faintest hint of violet evokes late summer evenings.

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Vibrant, revitalising, and naturally caffeine free. Warmth in the depth of winter. Ice-cold refreshment at the height of summer.

Smooth & Intense

Vivid emerald mellows into deep amber on steeping. Clean intensity. Delicate higher notes with hints of spice are the counterpoint to an uncommon depth: cohesive, round and long on flavour.

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Gentle, sweet aroma, balance between flowers and fruit, naturally caffeine free... the beautiful restorer of calm and tranquillity.

Gentle & Calming

Sweet floral scent. An abundance of fruit - apple blossom - with the lightest possible acidic edge; a hint of earth gives softness and body. Smooth, bitter-free finish.

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Soothing, relaxing, and naturally caffeine free. The perfect way to unwind.

Mellow & Floral

Clear vibrant green gives way to softer honey tones. Rounded and smooth to taste - a touch of fruit, woody and earthy notes, and a light, floral element.

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Stimulating but calm, invigorating but tranquil, a sophisticated, weightless mid-point... perfect for inspiration and lovers of the unexpected.

Crisp & Floral

Pale jade developing gentle sepia tones on steeping. Light flowers underscored by citrus and a fresh aftertaste marked by notes of mint. Sophisticated, rounded, beautifully centred.

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