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Sideritis Scardica


Besides its iconic touristic locations and rich history, Greece provides perfect conditions for growing herbs. The climate and the fertile land bless Greece with food which has an abundance of flavour and overwhelming aromas. There is an unrivalled variety of herbal species, over 6500, many of which are endemic. And this is why our herbs are exclusively sourced from Greece; you can almost taste the sunshine…

The ingredients in our herbal infusions are carefully selected, not only for their individual quality but also for their complementary properties when blending. The herbs are thus sourced from various regions in Greece and, where required, blended to get the balance just right. The flavour of the herbs changes from year to year (due to the local climatic conditions), so the obsessive process of ‘master blending’ never ends.

We only work with farmers who put quality before quantity producing exclusive, small–scale batches. The best or nothing! Equally important is that the whole process is done in an ethical and sustainable way. All of our suppliers are therefore 100% organically certified ensuring that no chemicals, pesticides, harsh substances or whatsoever are used – only nature’s goodness.

Our farming partners have mastered the art of preservation using a combination of traditional techniques, passed down over generations, and modern practice for naturally preserved herbs. The whole leaves and whole flowers are then shipped to the UK where they are thoroughly inspected before being stored in climate controlled units, so they maintain their flavour and freshness, until ready for further processing.

For the production of tea bags, the herbs are carefully hand cut keeping the pieces as large as possible and discarding any dust produced during the process. This is important as large-cut leaves contain more intact cells in which the tasty aromatic compounds are stored.

For our tea bags we only use biodegradable material (made from starch) from which the lovely pyramid bags are made. Our teas come packed in foil layered bags to further preserve their beautiful flavours. Each box is meticulously hand packed and packaged to ensure it reaches you in pristine condition!

The result: exquisite herbal teas with an extraordinary clarity of flavour – heavenly made.

Steep, Sip… Enjoy!